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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giveaway@ Girlz of God

Talia from "Girlz of God" is having a giveaway on her blog! :) She is giving away a "Jeremy Camp
"Speaking Louder Than Before" CD , full blog design and eight other cool prizes! So go and hurry to enter her giveaway its ends July 30th!

To enter click here

~Ali Holmes! <3

Giveaway at sunshine!

Great giveaway at sunshine!
Enter Here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey everyone! It's Bree.I am having my 40 followers/200 post giveaway over at my blog! Go check it out and see if you can't win!

Click here to go check it out! It is at the very bottom of the post!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi, everyone!

It's Natalia here.  I hope you've been enjoying your summer!

Here's the problem. I want to enjoy MY summer, and computer time is taking away from it.
So, I'm leaving Giveaways Galore. I had so much fun, and I met some crazy awesome girls through it,  but I just don't want that pressure anymore.

But I am leaving y'all in good hands... these girls work hard to bring you some awesome giveaways!
Remember, if you're ever interested in joining... leave a comment!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway @ Sunlit Photography

here's one of the prizes!
I'm having an awesome giveaway over at my blog with three prizes, and it's low entry! Enter here.

Giveaway @ Imagine

Kendra is joining up with Hannah and they're having a great giveaway with 10 prizes! Make sure to enter, there haven't been hardly any  people. 

It ends Aug. 1st. 

*oops I didn't realize this was already posted* =P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Destinys Almost 200 followers giveaway!!!!


Destiny @ Sharing Endless L'amour is having a giveaway with 16 prizes!!!!

Click on the button or following link to enter.

You have until August 3rd to enter {unless she doesn't have 200 followers by then}. Then she'll announce the winners!!!!

Sorry there's no pics of some of the prizes ;(.


P.S. If someone else posted about this, please comment with the link to that post ;).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extra Prize giveaway @ Steph's Blog!

Steph's Blog had an extra prize leftover from her previous giveaway... and so she is hosting another giveaway for this one.

Here is the prize:

Aren't they gorgeous?

Go enter here... it ends July 30th!

♫ Stepheny ♫

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anna's Weekly Giveaway #11

Anna is having some great weekly giveaways at her blog... go check them out here

Her giveaway this week is $15 to KalliDesigns.

♫ Stepheny ♫
p.s. don't forget about the HUGE 13 prize giveaway going on at Steph's Blog. There are tons of etsy shops included!

Giveaway at The frosted Button

Great Giveaway!
Enter Here.

Giveaway @ True Blue Abbi!

Hey everyone! There's a giveaway going on over at True Blue Abbi!
Click here to check it out!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Giveaway at Time after Tea!

Is that clutch not ADORABLE? Would you like to win it? You know you want to.

And guess what? It's international! Yay! It ends on July 12, and you must follow to enter.

Here's the link. Good luck!


Giveaway @ Dramatic Elegance!

There's a giveaway going on at Dramatic Elegance! She's giving away 3 awesomely cute pieces of jewelry! Here's a sneak peek-

Like what you see?There's two more to win! Click here to check it out!

Ends July 31!


Giveaway @ The Crafty Nest!

There's a giveaway going on at The Crafty Nest!  Click here to check it out!

Ends July 28!


Giveaway for a Discovery Girls 1 year magazine subscription and a 4 book set!

Grace @ grace loves the beatles. is having a giveaway for a 1 year Discovery Girls magazine subscription and a 4 book set!

Enter here

Ends July 14th


Giveaway @ Pixel Berry Pie Designs!

Pixel Berry Pie Designs is having a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to Fun Funky Fibers Etsy Shop.

 Go check it out, and enter here
Ends July 12th


Giveaway @ Being Shelley!

Hey everyone! I'm Bree and I'm new (Just a quick intro).Anyway, There's a giveaway going on at Being Shelley!

Click here! to check it out! It ends in two days(July 10) so be sure to be quick!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photo Contest (just for fun) and Info

Marvellous Are Thy Works is having a photo contest... just for fun. I thought all you photographers out there might like to try out your photography skills! The fun thing about this giveaway is that you have to enter a non-edited photo... the photography has to come completely from your skills! Go check it out!

Also, Destiny at Sharing Endless L'Amour is looking for sponsors for her next (huge) giveaway.  So if you know of anyone, or if you want to sponsor her giveaway, go to her blog and leave a comment.

 I think that's all for now.

♫ Stepheny ♫

Huge Giveaway!!!!

Polka Dot @ Life is to Short not to Wear Red Shoes is having a great giveaway with tons of prizes!!!!

(click on the button to view giveaway post)

Here are a few of the prizes:

Ends July 20th.


Giveaeay @ my polka dotted Life!!!!

Lulu is having a giveaway with 5 prizes!!!! Here is just one:

     (The jewelry not the glass)

Ends July 10th, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

Click here to enter!!!!


First timer....

Hey all followers of GG!

 I am a new member of Giveaways Galore.  I hope to be posting some fun giveaways soon!

Thanks to all who let me take part in this! :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Giveaway @ Kimmi's Corner!

Hey! A quick reminder, Kimmi's giveaway ends tomorrow!


Click here to enter!


We Need Some Help.

Hi, readers of Giveaways Galore!

As most of you are aware, it's summer time (well, where I live, anyways ;).

Everyone is very busy, and posting about the latest giveaways is not the number one thing on everyone's mind.

So... we'd love some helpers! Please, only if you can post once a month or something, we'd still love to have you! So. Here's how it works:

1) Leave a comment saying you would like to be on the team, and your email address (put DP for don't publish if you don't want everyone to see your email)

2) One of the GG gals will send you an email inviting you to join.

3) You help us find some awesome giveaways :)

Thanks everyone!

~Natalia and the GG staff.

Giveaway @ pastor's girl's ponderings!

Hey! I love Paris and Europe. So fascinating!

You could win this necklace.

Click here to enter!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giveaway @ Bramblewood Fashion!

Hi girlies!

I'm sure your familiar with Ashley's site Bramblewood Fashion. It consists of fashion, vintage things, patterns for sewing and a lot more.

She is hosting a giveaway for her 21st birthday. Happy B-day Ashley!

Ashley found a great and unique esty shop, here are a few peeks.

So cute.

What a great contrast in color!


Click here to enter!


Giveaway @ Steph's Blog!


My good friend Stepheny is having a giveaway with a lot of cool stuff to win.

I am donating a few items that you could win!

(This is one of them.)

There are a ton of Etsy shops included in this giveaway!

Check it out here!

Thanks again for supporting us. Now start clicking!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day celebrating the reason we are free and able to do what we want.

God bless America!

~Emily and the Giveaways Galore staff

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two Great Great Giveaway's!

First One is hosted by Miss Natalia.She is giving away a really good Design so enter Here.
Ends July 10th

The second one is hosted by me!:D
Enter Here
It's really good also I am giving away this::

Set of 3 PDF Cushion Cover Sewing Pattens by LillyBlossom

Ends July 9th