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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi, everyone!

It's Natalia here.  I hope you've been enjoying your summer!

Here's the problem. I want to enjoy MY summer, and computer time is taking away from it.
So, I'm leaving Giveaways Galore. I had so much fun, and I met some crazy awesome girls through it,  but I just don't want that pressure anymore.

But I am leaving y'all in good hands... these girls work hard to bring you some awesome giveaways!
Remember, if you're ever interested in joining... leave a comment!



Gloria A. said...

Hey! I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving, Natalia, but I totally understand. I am thinking about doing a giveaway on my blog: www.discovercaptivating.blogspot.com

If I do a giveaway, would you be interested in posting it? I am having a poll on my blog to see if I should have a giveaway, so any of you other people, please let me know on my blog if you would like a giveaway!

(I need some sponsors too, if you have anything on your etsy shop, or designing a blog, or whatever)

Ali Holmes said...

If you all need help I will help out the blog with posting about giveaways! :)